Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Vegans Do It For Love" Tote Bag from Zazzle

If they haven't done so already, many people have the New Year's Resolution to eat a more plant-based diet. This would be for a variety of reasons for each individual. Going to the grocery store with this 100% cotton jumbo tote is one helpful reminder, like tying a string around one's finger. As the talented American artist Shirley at veggieshirts's Store at Zazzle  says, "Many vegans become vegans because of their love for animals, and their decision not to eat those they love. This (tote) says it all: Vegans Do It For Love." There are also many other products available at veggieshirts's Store at Zazzle  with this same slogan. A very Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Capricorn Necklace from Zazzle

Happy Birthday to me! Here is a fabulous necklace for Capricorns to wear. Visit BluePlanet's Store at Zazzle for amazing art from Magda in Paris.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chimpanzee Art Print at Zazzle benefits the Jane Goodall Institute

50% of proceeds from this art poster are donated by the artist to the Jane Goodall Institute. RavenSpiritPrints at Zazzle is a Zazzle Pro Seller and I love all of Skye Ryan-Evans' work.
Recently tragedy struck in the form of a fire that ruined the buildings at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center. Supporters are urged to donate directly ASAP to help rebuild. Tuesday 12/27 Debby Cox, Technical Advisor, Africa Programs at the Jane Goodall Institute wrote:
"We need your help to rebuild the damaged structures and continue to give the chimpanzees the best care possible. If you donate today or before December 31, 2011, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Orangutan Mousepad from Zazzle

One of my favorite stores is rebecca_reeder's Store at Zazzle.  100% of Rebecca's profits on orangutan designs go to Orangutan Foundation International.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ornaments (on sale today at Zazzle)

There is an offer going on today at Zazzle that includes ornaments at 50% off. See my lovely cat Pearl here modeling for this fully customizable ornament. For details regarding the sale, click HERE to go to the page for Pearl's ornament and look for "After Christmas Clean Up! 50% OFF Calendars, Cases, & Ornaments! TODAY ONLY!   Use Code: MONDAYMORNIN"  

iPhone cases on sale today only at Zazzle

There is a sale today at Zazzle including cases.  Click on the image of the Scooter iPhone Case and where you see the 50% off announcement you can check out the details.

Wild Bird Calendar from Zazzle

Today there is a sale at Zazzle that gives you 50% off calendars. Click on image of this beautiful calendar by birdinghotspots's at Zazzle to see details.
Wild Birds 2012 Desk calendar

Ornaments on sale at Zazzle

I just created the ornament featuring my lovely friend Scooter this morning. Sometimes a new product doesn't display for 24 hours. But there is a sale on ornaments today only. So click and choose any Zazzle ornament (or case, or calendar) to take advantage of the 50% off sale.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pileated Woodpecker Mousepad from Zazzle

I saw a Pileated Woodpecker hard at work like this the other day. It was very exciting. I took a photo, even a video, but don't know how to make a photograph come out like Derrick Eidam does. Visit deidamphoto's Store at Zazzle for glorious wildlife photography.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Petconnect Rescue T-Shirt from zazzle

Click on the T-shirt for more info. The description for the T-shirt reads:
Raise Awareness for Shelter Animals
Support shelter animals from many U.S. states and raise awareness about pet adoption with this custom item featuring PetConnect Rescue's vibrant red logo with a dog, cat and a life preserver. All proceeds go directly to PetConnect Rescue, based in Potomac, Maryland, to help save shelter animals' lives through medical help, transport from high-kill and crowded shelters, and fostering and adoption into loving, forever homes.

Christmas Magic - Two Tabby Cats Ornament from Zazzle

Artist Jean Batzell Fitzgerald is the owner of several Zazzle stores including Pretty Pet Ornaments and Dog Art Christmas Gifts. This ornament shows the two kitties amidst "some of the major symbols of Christmas – the three wise men, the star of Bethlehem, a decorated Christmas tree, a snowman, a dove of peace and Santa and his reindeer flying through the star studded night sky" similar to the Catahoula stamp also featured today. Please click on the image for more views. Products can be customized of course!

Christmas Magic Catahoula Leopard Dog Stamp from Zazzle

May all Catahoulas have peace, joy, health, and happiness. Thank you to all the rescuers who save dogs and cats and other critters.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Light From Afar Card at Zazzle

Erin took the photo and created an enchanting card conveying a message of peace and nature. This Pro Seller is a Colorado fashionista who has two Zazzle stores. Visit erin_kathleen's Store at Zazzle for many marvelous creations.

Winter Forest Stein from Zazzle

Kim Hunter offers this wonderful drinking stein at artist_kim_hunter's Store at Zazzle. Visit this Pro Seller's store for thousands of beautiful designs.

Waterfall Poster from Zazzle

This is from a photograph of Duggers Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit Pro Seller Deb's debinsc's Store at Zazzle for this and hundreds of exquisite items.

Mossy Forest in Sunlight Nature Lovers Plate from Zazzle

Artist Skye Ryan-Evans took the photograph which is the design for this plate. As she says in the item description, "25% of royalties from every "Forest Light" Plate sold, is donated directly to the amazing AVAAZ organisation. AVAAZ is a massive Global movement of some 10 million members and our mandate is concerned with issues like environmental pollution, corporate corruption, political corruption, wildlife-conservation and human rights etc. I'm proud to be part of such a powerful and caring organization of motivated people." Click on the image to see more about the plate and to purchase.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Loving Gannets Travel Mug at Zazzle

The photographer/storeowner for this mug is a Scot living in England, AnnMackieMiller. She has many Squidoo lenses as well as a huge Zazzle offering. Visit her very informative Squidoo lens "Pictures of Birds: Gannet Pictures."  Visit annmackiemiller's Store at Zazzle or click on the image here to buy this fabulous mug. Per Wikipedia, there are three species of gannets (Sulidae). Pictured here, Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus) are beautiful and fascinating birds. This is a sturdy stainless steel mug. It is spill-proof, has a removable plastic top, comes in different colors and sizes, and you can customize it.

Norway to Holland to Spain for Morgan :-( ***Dolphin Mousepad from Zazzle***

It is tragic that orca Morgan has been banished to the Canary Island amusement park Loro Parque (Spanish for "parrot park")

Excerpt from
Amsterdam, November 30, 2011 – The Orca Coalition is very sad that Morgan has ended in the hands of Loro Parque. Morgan has an unpleasant future ahead of her, she will serve as an incubator to enrich the collection of SeaWorld with her offspring. The transport of Morgan exposes in a sour way how the trade in valuable marine mammals is put together and how small this world is. The transport company that was used by the Dolfinarium for Morgan is not unknown. It is a notorious Turkish company that also transports wild dolphins from the Solomon Islands and Taji (where the shocking documentary “The Cove” is about). Read more...

Other coverage about the transfer of Morgan to a parrot park: ABC NewsAssociated Press,  and Washington Post, and Seattle PI

Black Rhinoceros of Africa Hat from Zazzle

Following upon news that Vietnam has let its Rhino population go extinct (the Javan Rhino), "the Western Black Rhino of Africa has been declared officially extinct" as related in an article in the Huffington Post. Visit wildthingsworldwide's Store at Zazzle to be reminded of what the black Rhinoceros from Africa was like.

The Love Cats Mug from Zazzle

Carolyn McFann is a prodigious scientific artist who has more than one Zazzle store. She is a Zazzle Pro Seller whose "work has been on television, the subject of interviews, magazines, awards and many other venues in the US and internationally."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Augaptilus filigerus T-shirt from Zazzle

Copepods are not extinct. They are tiny crustaceans living in the water. You can read more about them at HERE. Any baby would look good in this customizable tee. Have your little ones visit ernst_haeckel's Store at Zazzle and they will definitely want to become scientists or artists or both.

"Paleontology is Forever" Postage from Zazzle

Use clever, colorful, humorous, and unique postage for your mailings. Science will prevail!

Neometacanthus Fossil Trilobite Jigsaw Puzzle at Zazzle

A puzzle for pondering the Neometacanthus Trilobite! Here is the Wikipedia page for Trilobites. Melissa Benson is the storeowner at FatBoyfossils' Store at Zazzle and she also has a store called NightmareArtist which is equally magical. Melissa writes on her profile, "The majority of my pieces are a mixed media of Dr Martin's dyes and Berol color pencils. Otherwise the paintings are in oil."

Bronze and Copper Calymene Fossil Trilobites Electronics Bag from Zazzle

I discovered Fat Boy Fossils today and am enthralled! What a conversation piece this would be to carry your computer in.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Common American Gull on a Keds Shoe! from Zazzle

What a unique shoe to show off. This is the beautiful Common American Gull (Larus zonorhyncus) as depicted in an 1844 lithograph. A great gift for any scientist or birder. You can customize it too.  Zephyrusbooks' Store at Zazzle is a fascinating store!

Great Black-backed Gull Tie from Zazzle

The Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) is featured here on a tie which may be purchased from ZephyrusBooks' Store at Zazzle. One may learn much about many topics by visiting this unique store.

Winter Gull Trucker Hat from Zazzle

Larus argentatus is a species of gull. There are over 50 species of gulls worldwide. This hat comes in a wide variety of colors. The bird image has been scanned from lithographs in an 1844 book, “Zoology of New York, or the New-York Fauna, Part II, Birds." The storeowner at ZephyrusBooks' Store at Zazzle explains at the page for this hat that the artwork is by J. W. Hill, and the author of the book is James De Kay. Click on the image to read more.

Birds of New York - De Kay's Lithographs at Zazzle

Visit ZephyrusBooks's Store at Zazzle  for the fascinating "Birds of New York." The store is an antiquarian treasure.These bird illustrations are classic historic prints. The store has thousands of fun and historic Zazzle products made from images of vintage maps, books, stamps, and illustrations including the old masters. Buy steins, ornaments, postcards, posters, shirts, shoes, and more. Learn history or birding or other subjects at the same time. Gulls, for example, are a hugely complex and fascinating group of birds in the Laridae family and J. W. Hill illustrated three of their species to be included in "Birds of New York" published in 1844.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Malamute Rescue T-Shirt from Zazzle

A Malamute Rescue T-shirt is wonderful for spreading the word. It just makes everyone smile.

Bat and Roadrunner Mugs from Zazzle

Zeke Sena offers many artistic designs reflective of the Indians of Zia Pueblo. Vist ziasun's Store at Zazzle for these and hundreds of other beautiful and fascinating designs. 
Bat mug
Bat by ZiaSun

German Shepherd iPhone Case from Zazzle

Show off your love of German Shepherds with this Canadian artist's portrayal of the GSD. It would make a great gift. The design is available on other products. All are customizable so you can add text and even images if you wanted. Click on the image to buy this case and/or browse many other great gifts at countrymousestudio's Store at Zazzle

Cyber Monday Sale

Deals extended! Offer ends soon, valid through November 28, 2011 at 10:00 AM PT.
Click HERE for details

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Holidays Card from Your Veterinarian at Zazzle

Dolores of Maryland creates fabulous products for all types of pet professionals. Check out her wonderful petprodesigns's Store at Zazzle

Orca Whale Magnet from Zazzle

A homeless man created this art using spray paint. See ravko1's Store at Zazzle for astounding things.

Saint-Saens T-shirt from Zazzle

It's easy to find great gifts at paulhelm's Store at Zazzle for friends and relatives who like great composers. Camille Saint-Saens was the brilliant composer who wrote "Carnival of the Animals."

2012 Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation Calendar from Zazzle

Zazzle announced this calendar as winner of a "Today's Best" award on November 12, 2011. Visit larabbits's Store at Zazzle for many beautiful products the purchase of which helps abandoned bunnies and supports educational outreach.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Funny Recycle Tote from Zazzle

Here is another great gift idea from Pro Seller Steve who serves, protects, entertains, and educates.

Grey Jay Funny Birthday Card for Friend from Zazzle

Carole in British Columbia is the artist who has created this funny birthday card. Enjoy her many nature-related designs at countrymousestudio's Store at Zazzle

You're Making Me Crazy Card from Zazzle

This card reminds me of a big grey bird who got into an altercation with the neighbor's outdoor calico. I am not sure who won. They both got away from eachother but I believe they did make contact. The cat seemed to be annoyed at the bird and chasing it around the corner (she is very territorial), and then the bird did a U-turn and came back after the cat! It was amazing. It all happened so fast. The bird looked just like this.

Funny Oldster Birthday Card from Zazzle

Shirley is the artist at cardshack's Store at Zazzle. She has created a wealth of amusing cards and has more than one store reflecting many different kinds of products. She offers many animal rescue designs too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Polar Bear, Cub and Northern Lights Aurora Print from Zazzle

You can order this poster as is, or in different sizes, paper types, and with framing of your choice. You can customize it with your own images and text if you wish. And you can use RealView Technology to see how it would look on your wall. Check it out! LaureenR is a hard-working artist in South Africa who has created this marvelous piece. Visit laureenr's Store at Zazzle.

Polar Bear, cub and Northern Lights aurora print

Save the Sea Turtle Mug at Zazzle

Some people have no respect for wildlife. Green sea turtles are protected and should not be approached or touched. Rebecca Reeder is the conservationist storeowner who took the photo of the turtle in Hawaii. She writes about it in the description. Click on the image to learn more and purchase this mug. This and many of Rebecca's great products make fabulous gifts.

Swimming Pacific Dolphin Art Mousepad Mousepad from Zazzle

The artist who created this wonderful mousepad is Skye Ryan-Evans and she has five magnificent Zazzle stores. Visit ravenspiritprints's Store at Zazzle...

Husky Hoodie from Zazzle

This is a great gift for a Husky lover. Kim Hunter is an artist in British Columbia who created the artwork for it. Visit artist_kim_hunter's Store at Zazzle to read more about her art.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sledding Cat Christmas Card from Zazzle

Lisa of San Jose CA has created this wonderful sledding cat card. There is still 50% off cards & invites at Zazzle - ends tomorrow at 11:59pm Pacific Time. After clicking on image to go to Lisa's card, click for details where it says GIVEMAILINGS.

Realview Technology from Zazzle

An amazing technological wonder from Zazzle is that you can preview how a piece of art will look on your wall. As an example, here is a Photo Collage Template Poster offered by Zoobie555. After you insert pictures of your relatives, pets, travels, awards, whatever, then click on "See it on your wall" for how to make that happen. Total magic!

New Holiday Gift Center at Zazzle

The Zazzle Gift Center is a great way to find gifts for men, women and children. It is easier to shop online than to struggle with shopping malls and traffic. Browse the Gift Center today. Here is a practical gift idea from a creative storeowner in Maine.
Animal rescuer tote bag
Animal rescuer tote by jepineo
Sell art online at Zazzle.